The Colonel’s Secret Spice?

Posted: September 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

You may have heard about KFC’s Colonel Sanders secret recipe. What is so secret about it? Does it contain crack cocaine? Hard to say but we received  advance copies of the discovery from the recent lawsuit filed in Story County, IA (Haroldson V. KFC, Inc & Yum Brands).  A former employee  of the Ames, IA KFC , J.D. Haroldson contests that KFC forced him to draw up to 400 ml of blood each day. Why would a KFC force any employee to draw blood you ask? drug testing? The true reason may be much more sinister and appalling. Haroldson could not reveal what the blood was used for due to the Non-Disclosure agreement he signed regarding KFC recipes, however he did make a statement, “People will be shocked when they find out what those secret spices really are.”  So is blood the true secret to the colonel’s delicious chicken? Unfortunately we cannot confirm that at this time. But would it really be all that surprising, Rumor has it Colonel Sanders would eat live chickens, so maybe that is where his flavor inspiration came from.

  1. pershall says:

    I may or may not be able to verify this…My “friend” has evidence of there being blood on the wrappers of his KFC food…Im not saying, Im just saying

  2. petree says:

    Does blood coming out the ass when you shit after eating KFC count as evidence that their is blood in the damn recipie? If so, I can….um, I mean, I have a….um…have a friend that…well…um…you know….has proof.

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