Apple Juice?- I’ll pass

Posted: September 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

Rumors were swirling around why exactly Steve Jobs was stepping down as CEO of Apple.  Most thoughts were his diminishing health were the main cause, however we have learned through an unnamed source(Tony Quisenberry-President of OCEE Beverages) that the real reason behind his departure is a new business venture.  Apparently jobs is working with OCEE beverages on a line of apple juice, but not just any juice. Jobs has a loyal following of fans and they see him as a visionary and really want understand and feel the brillance that just exudes out of him.  And now they can:

All bottles of Steve Jobs-Apple Juice will include 97% real washington apple juice and 3% will include, yes you guessed it, Steve Jobs’ Urine. 

Just remember where you heard it first

  1. Anonymous says:

    Steve Jobs Urine? Sign me up!

  2. pershall says:

    Ill buy anything that says Apple or Mac on it…Is there any way whenever I drink it there is an auto update on my facebook that says I am drinking it so people know that I am drinking it?

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